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Leap Learning Loop

The core framework of our materials is a familiar six part learning cycle structure. This originated with Colin Rose's work on Accelerated Learning in mid 1990s, later built upon by Alastair Smith in the 2000s and SSAT TEEP in 2010s. Our unique adaptation of this is to marry it to a series of foci or lenses which present teachers with incremental challenges in their practice. We call these: 'Get Going'; 'Dive Deeper'; and 'Log Learning'.

LEAP Teaching Hexagon

We provide teachers with an extensive toolkit of 100s of teaching strategies which we have accumulated from all of the lessons that we have been involved with. Some of these will be familiar, most will be new and innovative. We have sorted these into the six sections of the LEAP Learning Loop. They are presented as a two tier hexagon. The first tier providing some good approaches, the second, we believe, are features of outstanding lessons.

LEAP Learning Matrix

During the coaching with video process, we recognise the risk of teachers adopting the LEAP Hexagon and seeing lessons as simply a series of teaching activities. Our LEAP Matrix is a framework of descriptors which evaluate impact on the learners. This focuses the teacher on personalised strategies which make a difference to the progress of individual learners over time. These complement the current Ofsted framework.

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